Urban Design



The M.Arch programme with specialization in Urban Design aims is to offer a broad-based education in the theory and practice of urban design to enhance the knowledge and abilities of professional architects involved in the design, creation, and evaluation of urban spaces. More specifically, the course hopes to achieve the following objectives:

1 Produce environmentally and socially responsible professionals who are committed to the provision of good urban public areas;
2 Develop analytical and methodological skills that are critical foundations to urban design processes
3 Provide exposure, at an advanced level, to the full range of issues that bear upon the design and realisation of large scale urban space;
4 Prepare students for advanced careers in urban design, consulting, research or public service, or in preparation for further academic training.
AR5421 Architectural Practice 1
AR5422 Architectural Practice 2
AR5141 Dissertation for MArch and MArch UD specialization
UD5601 & UD5602 Urban Design Studio 1 & 2
UD5622 Methods of Urban Design and Urban Analysis
UD5628 Sustainable Urban Design and Development
UD5521 Planning Process: Quantitative and Policy Dimension