Social Work



The aim of the Master of Social Sciences (Social Work) programme by Coursework is to provide candidates with training for advanced direct and/or indirect social work practice and research. The objectives are to train suitably qualified local and regional social service professionals by providing professional knowledge and skills in:

1.Advanced interpersonal social work practice;
2.Leadership, management and policy analysis of social services; and
3.Social work research and evaluation.

Overall, the programme will enhance professional practice as it is primarily research and skills-based in approach. The programme adopts an integrative framework in applying cross-cultural issues in the local contexts.

SW 6101:Social Theory in Social Work Practice, and
SW 6102: Policy & Research in Social Welfare, and
SW 5112: Supervised Project, or
SW 5111: Practicum

(方向一) Advanced Interpersonal Practice Concentration
SW 5212: Social Work Models for Advanced Practice
SW 5243: Family Therapy in the Local Context
SW 5245: Current Group Approaches in Social Work
SW 5252: Community Organisation and Development
SW 5295: Advanced Theory & Skills in Counselling
SW 6241: Theory & Practice in Psychotherapy

(方向一) Human Relations and Service Management Concentration
SW 5222: Personnel Practice & Management
SW 5242: Personal Development in Social Work
SW 5247: Social Prevention and Public Education
SW 5253: Volunteer Management
SW 5255: Community Leadership and Supervision
SW 5256: Social Planning and Development
SW 5296: Training & Staff Development in HSOs
SW 6221: Agency Policy, Planning & Administration

(方向一) Research and Evaluation Concentration
SW 5232: Organisational Review and Development
SW 6231: Human Service Research & Evaluation
SW 6249: Specialised Policy Studies
SW 6257: Research Design & Quantitative Methods