Building Science

建筑工程学 (建筑学)


课程介绍: The Master of Science (Building Science) program is a multi-disciplinary educational program. The aim of the program is to offer graduates of different disciplines, who have been engaged in building-related services, an opportunity to acquire knowledge and practice in the broad field of Building Science. This knowledge is vital for persons engaged in the design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of today’s buildings and their services which have increased in sophistication and complexity.

BS5102 Research Methods
BS5002 Total Building Performance and Integration – I
BS5003 Total Building Performance and Integration – II

选修科目方向一 (Performance Mandates)
BS5403 Computational Design Support
BS5404 Bioclimatic Building Design
BS5405 Advanced Acoustics and Noise Control
BS5406 Lighting Design and Technology
BS5407 Indoor Air Quality
BS5408 Energy Performance Measurement and Verification

选修科目方向二(Building Systems and Technologies)
BS5409 HVAC Systems
BS5410 Protective Building Technologies
BS5411 Fire Technology
BS5412 Structural Systems for Buildings
BS5413 Maintainability of Buildings
BS5414 Fa?ade Engineering and Technology
BS5415 Special Topics in Building Science

BS6001 Advanced Indoor Air Quality
BS6002 Building Energy Simulation and Analysis
BS5000 Dissertation